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About Us



You, as parents, are very important to us because scripture tells us that you are your child's most important teachers. Our goal is not to substitute the teaching in your home, but to reinforce the importance and priority of home and family.  FaithSteps recognizes the immeasurable value and purpose for each child placed in our care, and thus will do the utmost to assist families in instilling in their children self esteem and self-confidence by encouraging hands-on learning and creative play. We strive for happy, well adjusted children ready to start school. May the Lord richly bless us as we work together for the benefit of your child. 

Curriculum Statement:

The curriculum at FaithSteps will be developed around Christian values and traditions as well as childhood themes and developmentally appropriate teaching practices. The Preschool will be concerned with helping each child grow as a whole person who can learn to love, value and care for others.

Our Mission: 

FaithSteps Christian Preschool follows non-discriminatory ideals and practices. All are welcome and treated equally regardless of race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs. FaithSteps Christian Preschool believes, teaches and upholds the golden rule. "Do to others as you would have them do to you." We believe, model, and teach our students that God created all people equal and all people are to be treated with kindness, love, fairness, understanding and acceptance. We believe that an understanding of Christian values and traditions will result in enabling the child to build a good self-image, to develop an interest and joy in learning, and to develop a feeling of security, success and responsibility.

Our Goals:

  • to provide children with a Christian atmosphere which helps them to develop warm and trusting relationships with adults.

  • to be a Preschool of the highest quality, where children have an opportunity to learn and develop in a loving, caring Christian environment. 

  • to be a positive first-school and first teacher experience.

  • to provide a structured balance of active, quiet, individual and group activities

  • to be an educational program that will help prepare each child for school through development of basic skills

  • to place activities at the child’s level, in an unhurried atmosphere, where a child learns by doing and where the value lies more in the joy of doing than in the finished product.

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